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Can there be Forgiveness?
Ashley, Berlin
27.09 -  21.10.18

Curated by Kate Brown and Lauryn Youden
ASYS_Ashley_01_CBTF_Exhibition view at A
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_06_CBTF_Exhibition view
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_07_CBTF_Exhibition detai
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_02_CBTF_Exhibition view
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_03_CBTF_Exhibition view
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_04_CBTF_Exhibition detai
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_05_control, 2018, plaste
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_06_CBTF_Exhibition view
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_08_remains (incorruptibl
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_09_remains (incorruptibl
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_10_father's son, 2018, p
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_11_father's son, 2018, p
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_12_patches (sharing pear
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_14_CBTF_Exhibition view
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_15_father's tongue, 2018
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_16_father's tongue, 2018
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_19_drain, 2018, wood, pl
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_20_drain, 2018, wood, pl
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_21_drain, 2018, wood, pl
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_22_mother's tongue, 2018
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_23_mother's tongue, 2018
WEB_ASYS_Ashley_24_CBTF_Exhibition detai
With support from the Embassy of Canada to Germany, in Berlin.
Photography by Frank Sperling.
All images courtesy of the artist & Ashley.



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